Are Mission Statements Useful?

I think they are, when used properly. Many companies and organizations have wonderfully generic and blank mission statements.  “We synergize technologies to provide innovative solutions!”  Well, great.  So does everyone else.  But what do YOU do? A useful, good mission statement has to start at the top, and should be the driving strategic goal of […]

How Involved to Be as a Manager

I realized after this last blog post I had more I wanted to say, mostly to clarify some points. In that last post, I discussed the differing management approaches of more strict project and task tracking (Type A), as opposed to a laissez faire approach where staff is communicated strategic goals and then given free […]

Measuring Productivity of Engineers

I know a lot of people like to tout Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) as the future, and have all these success stories.  For those of you not in the know, ROWE is where there are no office hours or expectations of a 40-hour work week.  Instead employees are given goals to meet and as […]